Marc Querol has joined The 39 Club at the recently held July committee meeting. Marc hails from Barcelona and runs the successful Double H agency representing brands including Eden Park, Carlos Cordoba, Garcia, S4 Jackets, Lavant, St James and Sunwill.

Marc says "When I started my adventure inside the UK fashion sector in 2014, I have been always trying to develop myself and improve each area of it. However, the achievement of being part of such a historical Menswear Agents Club, with all the iconic and unique people that have been part of it, is far away from what I ever thought I could reach. It is an honor to become the latest and one of the youngest. 

Being part of The 39 Club means a lot, it means that you are part of a family, part of a team, part of human people that have a huge knowledge of menswear fashion that I will be never closer in my life.

Definitely, it is like having a second family that you can be calling, talking, and enjoying, I hope for many years. But most of all, after just one meeting the human behavior that I discovered in each of the members I met. This is for me the most important thing."

 The 39 Club warmly welcomes Marc to the fold.