Foundation of The 39 Club – London

The minutes of a meeting held at the Duke of Albermarle, Stafford Street, London W1 on the 25th of July 1956.

Item 1
It was established that the founders of the club were Messrs A Brigdon, F Kerby and J Munro.

Item 2
It was also established that the first meeting of the club was held on July 10th 1956 at the above address when the following members were asked to form a committee. Messrs Bert Brigden, Mr Arthur Balcomy, Mr Jim Emery, Mr Freddie Kerby, Mr Jock Munro, Mr Frank Perry. The committee then asked Mr O Y Smith to stand as chairman and Mr Jock Munro as secretary.
These appointments were approved and carried unanimously at the meeting on 25th July 1956.

Item 3
The committee asked for the use of a room at the Duke of Albermarle which was granted and it was agreed at the meeting that this room at the Duke of Albermarle be the clubs HQ.

Item 4
Various suggestions were discussed and it was eventually proposed by Mr Jack Beagent and seconded by Mr Jim Emery that the club be called The Thirty Nine Club. This was carried unanimously.

Item 5
Membership. The fundamental reason for the forming of this club is to enable old friends of many years standing to get together from time to time in a social atmosphere and it was therefore decided to confine membership to pre-war commercial travellers in the menswear trade who “travelled” in the west end and city of London. The war referred to being the 1939-1945 war, hence the title. It was also decided for the time being to limit the club to thirty nine members. Some discussion took place regarding membership and it was unanimously decided that the decisive words were “old friends” and that there would be some travellers who would not fit into the club. It was therefore agreed that the committee would have the power to elect a member and also to refuse a member. The procedure to be that if a member should wish to introduce a new member he first of all should ask the committee if he was eligible.

Item 6
It was suggested by Mr Freddy Whittacker that a fund be created to cover expenses and also which would be available in case of hardship among the members. It was proposed by Mr Bert Brigden that there be an annual subscription of 2 guineas and also that Mr J Spiller be elected Hon Treasurer. The proposals were carried unanimously. It was also agreed that subscriptions would be payable annually on October 1st.

Item 7
It was decided that a tie would be the emblem of the club. The design to be decided later. The members present then discussed other members and a number of names were mentioned and agreed although there were one or two who were not admitted.

It was agreed that the next meeting of the club would be on Monday 1st October 1956 at 5.30pm.

Signed by O Y Smith

From left to right: F. Whittacker, O.Y.Smith, B. Cole, J. Munro